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RV Park Guidelines

  1. All RV's must be 10 years or newer and in good condition.  Any exceptions must be approved by management.

  2. All visitors must contact the management by phone upon entering.

  3. Only 6 people allowed on your site.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

  5. No Firearms allowed on the property.

  6. Texas state law requires the use of proper sewer connections.  Do not use formaldehyde chemicals in our holding tanks. 

  7. Children and teenagers must be at their campsite by 10:00 PM unless with a parent.  Parents are responsible for children's actions and safety.

  8. Two pet limit.  All pets must be leashed and quiet.  No pets may be left unattended outside.  No pets in or around the buildings.  PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET IMMEDIATELY EVEN IN DOG WALK AREA.

  9. Do not change sites without checking with the management by phone.

  10. Do not park in empty sites, roadways or grass areas.

  11. Only one RV per site.

  12. No 4-wheelers allowed to be used on site.

  13. No open fires.

  14. No grills on picnic tables.

  15. Smoking is only permitted at RV site, and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

  16. No mechanical work or oil changes permitted.  No washing of vehicles permitted.

  17. No permanent structures allowed at your site.  Outside storage is not permitted.

  18. No inside furniture on the outside of the RV.

  19. Consumption of alcoholic beverage is contained to your RV site in a concealed container and will not be allowed in public areas.

  20. Park owners assume no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or loss from any causes.

  21. RULE VIOLATIONS:  First violation will be a verbal warning; second violation of same offense will be written notice and third violation will result in refusal of our services and immediate vacating of premises with no refunds given.

  22. Please keep Campsites Clean.


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